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Professional Beauty & Hair Rewards is the answer for those expensive, unforeseen emergencies with fun in the mix!!
Our program will SAVE you and your family money each month!

For only R4.30 a day, your WHOLE FAMILY is protected and can benefit.

Join the 'PEACE OF MIND' program that is trusted by over 90 000 people in South Africa. Take advantage of this 2013 introductory membership price of ONLY R129 per month (Normally R380.00). Members receive their cards and welcome pack within 14 days.

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About Us

Professional Beauty Rewards Card
You get:
  • A Monthly subscription to the Glossy PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY Magazine (9 issues)
  • PANIC ASSIST anywhere in SA
  • EMERGENCY MEDICAL EVACUATION - anywhere in SA incl. R5000 (HAF) T&C's
  • EASY FINANCE – Cosmedfin

for ONLY R129 per month
PLUS - access to over 500 discounts!


Contact us on 0861 086 111 for salon group deals.


PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY & HAIR REWARDS gives you peace of mind when it matters most. Over and above the exclusive access to discounted shopping on national brands and value savings, PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY & HAIR REWARDS brings you a host of benefits such as Salon Assistance, Medical Assist, Teacher Assist, Panic Assist, Legal Assist and don’t forget up to 50% off on luxury accommodation.

PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY & HAIR REWARDS is a Rewards and Benefits program unlike any that has been seen before in the Cosmetology industry.

PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY & HAIR REWARDS was developed by Leonard Staples, current marketing director of EXEC-U-CARD. Leonard worked in the Hair & Beauty industry for years and realized 90% of all salon employees did not have access to some type of benefits, due to affordability.

The Holding Company which incorporates EXEC-U-CARD and PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY & HAIR REWARDS has been in business for 18 years and has signed up over 20 000 members to date and counting.


TEACHER ASSIST is available to your children in 7 different languages for 10 main curriculum subjects from Sundays to Thursdays 6pm - 9pm. Our tutors are highly qualified practicing teachers and are at the forefront of teaching practices and curricula.

Normally R300 per/hour

Tutors in the following subjects are currently utilised:
English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Biology, History, Geography, Science, Accounting, Economics and Business Economics

The opportunity to provide your children with the very best in homework assistance.
* Additional subjects to be added as and when needed.

    Information sources include:
  • IT research personnel
  • Encyclopedia's
  • Dictionaries
  • Archives
  • Telephone, fax , email & mail
Get a SAVING of at least R200 every time you or your family needs a doctor!

Could cost thousands of Rands

Get Access to a nationwide doctor network at reduced rates. Our network consists of 700 doctors throughout South Africa. Doctors fees are approximately R350 per consultation, but through DOCTORS ASSIST members will only pay R225.00 per consultation and will include 2 acute medications. (EG. Cough and Flu medication)

Contact the call centre and an operator will assist you with the most convenient doctor to you.

The service entails dispatching of an appropriate medical emergency service provider in the event of a medical emergency, stabilising of the patient and admittance to the nearest, most appropriate medical facility.

Could cost tens of thousands of Rands

Emergency Accident Assistance is available 24/7 and 365 days a year anywhere within the borders of South Africa.

R5000 Hospital Admittance Fee Is Paid By PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY & HAIR REWARDS!

* There is also FREE unlimited telephonic medical advice. *

Save the Panic Assist number on your phone and we will respond within seconds to see what your emergency is.
Whatever your emergency, we're there for you!!

Could cost a few hundred Rand

PANIC ASSIST involves a call-back to the client to establish the nature of the trigger such as being stranded in an unfamiliar location requiring directions, burglary, unexpected medical emergency, etc.

Once the request is confirmed telephonically or via sms, the relevant assistance is arranged and the standard operating procedure in terms of regular follow-ups are undertaken until the case is closed.

Assistance includes message relay and conference calls with the relevant service provider such as the flying squad, towing contractor or relatives.


We will dispatch the appropriate service provider for your specific problem and will do follow ups, until the salon/home EMERGENCY has been attended to.

Normally R450 per hour

SALON & HOME Assistance is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year within the borders of South Africa. The call out and 1st hour labour is paid for.

* Limited to 3 call outs per year.

  • Drainage (Free)
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing (Free)
  • Fire
  • Maintenance
  • Electrical (Free)
  • Locks (Free)
  • and more...
Professional, in-house, qualified legal advisors are available on a 24/7 basis to give Professional Beauty Rewards members advice on ANY legal topic.

Normally R500 per Hour

The legal service also provides for standard legal documents such as a domestic worker’s employment contract, maintenance kit, Road Accident Fund, etc. The legal advisors will also authenticate agreements for you free of charge.

In addition, the in-house attorneys will refer a Professional Beauty Rewards member to a practising attorney for a first 30 minute consultation at No Cost. Any further consultations will be at the members expense.

Info: Full Benefits Package

Plus! Be the first to be informed about upcoming events.

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Affordable and convenient bookings at your fingertips. Save up to 30% on your next holiday!

Save Thousands of Rands

Professional Beauty Rewards has partnered with national and international holiday groups to bring our members incredible rates on luxury accommodations in South Africa and abroad.

Having a holiday has never been this affordable or this convenient. Its like having your own hotel group at your finger tips!!


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Subscribers receive a guaranteed minimum of 15% discount to over 1000 HoneyStays Accredited Destinations throughout Southern Africa. www.honeystays.co.za

Save Thousands of Rands

The program is simple; subscribers receive a guaranteed minimum of 15% discount to over 1000 HoneyStays Accredited Destinations throughout Southern Africa. This discount applies to their entire family or group* and it is important to note that it is applicable for 365 days a year with no conditions attached.

The portfolio of destinations is made accessible to members online via www.honeystays.co.za. Members deal directly with HoneyStays’s Accredited Destinations to make an enquiry or booking. Further to this primary benefit, members are afforded the exclusivity of the program’s Half-Price-Stays.

HoneyStays Accredited Destinations portfolio covers the Southern Africa region including countries such as Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Swaziland and Lesotho as well as all provinces with South Africa. A wide range of accommodation is available.

Additionally, HoneyStays has a support desk staff on hand to deal with any problems a member may encounter when making an enquiry.

Guaranteed workmanship by a specialist who will provide service reports. Save on professional scissor and clipper blade sharpening: normal price R300. PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY & HAIR REWARDS members only pay R200.

Professional Beauty Rewards members will also have access to our Online Mall where you can purchase discounted items, which can be delivered to your door!! Our members receive discounts from over 50 National Brands.
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To instantly activate PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY & HAIR REWARDS requires an initial fee of R199 which includes the first month. Thereafter the monthly fee is R129.

PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY & HAIR REWARDS is available 24 hours a day. Friendly call centre operators are ready to assist you with emergencies, queries and bookings.

For more information, contact our call centre:
0861 086 111

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